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Now to begin.. again.. 3 months since last event... ^_^

Sudina sighed as she sat on the cool grass eyes cast downward. The hood of the cloak she had to ware do to her looks fell over her face slightly hiding her now long ears and the few markings she had. Her tail curled tightly to her body knees up under chin with cloak draped over hiding her raptor like feet. Only thing that truly showed were her claws on her hands which she could easily pass off for 'long nails'.
It had been Roy's idea for her to continue working for the military despite her 'condition' she didn't mind not as if she would have anywhere else to turn, her sister was the only family she had. Sighing in thought she seeing no reason to keep so well hidden while the was no one around pulled off the cloak enjoying the warmth of the early fall sun on her skin as she lay back using the cloak as a pillow.
Legs stretched out as did her tail as she laid there in her moment of relaxation. He attire had changed form her 'normal' cloths to now practical ware. Long jeans came to above her ankles where then leather leg wrappings took over wrapping the jeans in place as well as covering her feet slightly still keeping the claws bare, mid length shirt with leather arm wrappings ending at her wrist, and finally a light fabric covered the base of her tail before ending mid way held in place by leather cords near each end. She as well had taking to wearing dark colors, mostly dark grays or black helping her to blind in with the cloak she were.
Ears twitched slightly as a light breeze brought the not so distance sounds of her friends to her ears making her give a light smile exposing her fangs. I'll give them that, they have been by my side ever since.. not many can say that after being changed their friends.. no family would do the same.
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