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Sudina rolled slightly in her sleep “…just five more minutes” she mumbled as she sat up and stretched looking around. Seeing Ed she gave a smile then the girl she blinked “uerm... uhhh... wah?”
The girl sighed I don’t get paid enough for this.. “You two in the office now!” she yelled as she pointed to the door.
“Uhh yeah.. why?” Sudina asked as she stood tail twitching
“Just go….” The girl sighed again still pointing at the door.
Shrugging Sudina opened the door grabbed Ed with her free hand and drug him after her and walked in “sorry we’re late…” she said lowly as she noticed her sister and Leo were both there already “did.. we miss anything.. important?” she looked form her sister to Leo then to Roy “I umm over slept..” she added sheepishly
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