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Morning- the down of a new day, or rising of the sun...

Roy Mustang sat in his office drumming his fingers on his desk board I can’t believe I walked in on That last night... you would think he would have the dignity to at least close the door... He drifted on different thoughts until a rap on the door startled him back into reality “Yes.. come in…”
A girl dress plainly and simply walked in “Mr. Mustang... Sir...? you.. you sent for me?”
Roy stared at her for a moment slowly it downed on him “yes, yes of course.. I need to round up Fullmetal, Blaze, Shadow, and Sparky... tell them to report to me at once... but do send Sparky and Shadow together and first... I need to talk to them alone” he waved a hand sending her on her way. Leaning back in his chair he waited.
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