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Midnight heard the man's voice, slowing down to a quick trot as she reached hearing distance she froze at what he was saying.
"Hey chimera! Why are you running? Chimera, where is my friend? Chimera, where is Misery? Did she catch up with you?"
Midnight gave a soft growl at being called Chimera like it was her name "I have a name and it is NOT Chimera... it is Midnight" she said looking up to him "No I have not seen Misery.. but.. there is a girl.. she is asleep.. two mean have her.. I think.. they are the ones who got me and made me what I am... we need to find Misery she needs to know about this" and with out another word she ran off following the scent of Misery hoping that this guy would follow her let alone believe her.
After a short while she could here a faint voice calling for her. Running as fast as she could to Misery. Once in ear shout she called "Girl... trouble... needs... help..." she panted as she made her way up to her.
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