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The search for the philosopher stone...
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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
11:44 pm
I'm leaving the RP
As much as i hate to say it, i'm going to have to drop out of this RP. RL's been busy lately and i have other things that are going on that are very important. So as it is, i'm droping Riza and Hughes.

I reaaaaally didn't want to, but i don't have the time to keep up, and stay with, the RP.
And i apologize since i realize this leaves you with no military members.
Monday, November 14th, 2005
7:29 pm
Because not all of us can make really long posts>_>;
Leo felt his heart sink as guilt consumed him "You did enough damage dont you think?" Yup he sertinlly did. She looked like hell and he could tell she was still in seriouse pain. Why do I always seem to hurt those around me?... Leo said nothing to her, he just merely turned on his heal and walked away from her to go to the lake to have some alone time himself. At the waters ledge Leo removed his pants and jumped into the lake floating around as memories from his past racked him. Of how all the foster families he had retuned him to the orphanage. "Look he has some freakish power ok and he hurt my little son! I dont want to see him again that brat brings nothing but trouble!" Other families were even worse "He's a monster! The little demon killed my twin daughter...wanna know how? HE ELECTRACUTED THEM!!" Leo dunked under the water to try to make the memories go away. "We took him to the pool for his 9th birthday and when he got mad at one of the boys for calling him a freak he flipped and Shoked a whole pool full of kids! we dont want him take him back! No one should ever have a beast like him their house! How could anyone love a monster like that child?!" nope dunking in the water wasnt helping.

Standing in the water now Leo rushed his hands threw his hair as he shook his head...all that did was make him dizzy. After tripping on a rock and falling back in the water Leo just floated around givinng up on banishing his past, it was something he never forgot. And Glacia reminded him so much of one of the girls... "I'm doing it again arnt I?" He asked himself and closed his eyes to watch the images play before him like a bad horrifying movie with out a happy ending.

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Saturday, October 29th, 2005
4:45 pm
She's a friggin luneatic! "Stop it your gonna kill yourself!" Leo didn't want to hurt her but he didn't want to let her go either. This is rediculuse "Dont be stupid Glacia your water youll die if you keep it up all I want is to talk to you is that so hard?!" Indescition was evidant on Leos face. Refusing to give in he lowerd the lightnings force to where he could keep her there with out killing her...though if she kept at it she would eventually pass out from it. "Will you be reasonable?" He walked to stand infront of her as he entered the electrical prison. "Please?"
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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
11:21 pm
Now to begin.. again.. 3 months since last event... ^_^
Sudina sighed as she sat on the cool grass eyes cast downward. The hood of the cloak she had to ware do to her looks fell over her face slightly hiding her now long ears and the few markings she had. Her tail curled tightly to her body knees up under chin with cloak draped over hiding her raptor like feet. Only thing that truly showed were her claws on her hands which she could easily pass off for 'long nails'.
It had been Roy's idea for her to continue working for the military despite her 'condition' she didn't mind not as if she would have anywhere else to turn, her sister was the only family she had. Sighing in thought she seeing no reason to keep so well hidden while the was no one around pulled off the cloak enjoying the warmth of the early fall sun on her skin as she lay back using the cloak as a pillow.
Legs stretched out as did her tail as she laid there in her moment of relaxation. He attire had changed form her 'normal' cloths to now practical ware. Long jeans came to above her ankles where then leather leg wrappings took over wrapping the jeans in place as well as covering her feet slightly still keeping the claws bare, mid length shirt with leather arm wrappings ending at her wrist, and finally a light fabric covered the base of her tail before ending mid way held in place by leather cords near each end. She as well had taking to wearing dark colors, mostly dark grays or black helping her to blind in with the cloak she were.
Ears twitched slightly as a light breeze brought the not so distance sounds of her friends to her ears making her give a light smile exposing her fangs. I'll give them that, they have been by my side ever since.. not many can say that after being changed their friends.. no family would do the same.

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10:53 pm
.. IT's MOD TIME!!!
I don't know about you peoples but would love to have this place alive again.. I mean my other rp came back from near death why not here...?
So, let's say jump a good ohh few months to the future.. with all that hub-bub out of the way (miz and Leo, Dina, and all the like eh?) sounds good yes?

Right so lets say we ohh I don't know.. Rizambul (spelled that wrong I know) sounds nice... for a nice brake.. and then well I'll just be temping who we no have.. wait speaking of which.. who the bloody is still here?

Moving on.... so aside form who we have here and who we need, and the future, and all the oc's.. I think this will work nicely.. Now then.. I'll umm explain any questions you have.. just comment here.. thank you *bows*
~mod Dina

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Monday, October 3rd, 2005
9:11 pm
Hey out there! Are we staying alive? ;_;

I noticed we havent been here a while alot of people havent been here. So whats gonna happen now? Anyone up fpr a few years in the future? Or are we gonna pick up soon from where we left off?

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Monday, August 22nd, 2005
6:46 pm
If ya haven't noticed, I've kinda-sorta dropped Roy (military_pyro) and Havoc (with_a_cig)'s roles. I'm just busy with other things now and can't handle so many OCs, lol so yeah. ^^ Ja ne!

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Friday, August 5th, 2005
6:36 pm
"Hey my name is Rin and I'm new here. ummmm....dose anyone know ryo? she's a friend of mine." looks around at every one.
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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
12:45 pm
Sudina rolled slightly in her sleep “…just five more minutes” she mumbled as she sat up and stretched looking around. Seeing Ed she gave a smile then the girl she blinked “uerm... uhhh... wah?”
The girl sighed I don’t get paid enough for this.. “You two in the office now!” she yelled as she pointed to the door.
“Uhh yeah.. why?” Sudina asked as she stood tail twitching
“Just go….” The girl sighed again still pointing at the door.
Shrugging Sudina opened the door grabbed Ed with her free hand and drug him after her and walked in “sorry we’re late…” she said lowly as she noticed her sister and Leo were both there already “did.. we miss anything.. important?” she looked form her sister to Leo then to Roy “I umm over slept..” she added sheepishly

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
8:01 pm
Morning- the down of a new day, or rising of the sun...
Roy Mustang sat in his office drumming his fingers on his desk board I can’t believe I walked in on That last night... you would think he would have the dignity to at least close the door... He drifted on different thoughts until a rap on the door startled him back into reality “Yes.. come in…”
A girl dress plainly and simply walked in “Mr. Mustang... Sir...? you.. you sent for me?”
Roy stared at her for a moment slowly it downed on him “yes, yes of course.. I need to round up Fullmetal, Blaze, Shadow, and Sparky... tell them to report to me at once... but do send Sparky and Shadow together and first... I need to talk to them alone” he waved a hand sending her on her way. Leaning back in his chair he waited.

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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
9:47 am
Edward literally fell out of the truck. Standing he looked to Misery "wait why do I have to give the report? You were all there too... and Mustang would most likely want you there too...” he argued while he held his boxed meat dumplings "come on you know it won't take that long"
Sighing he started in alone knowing that the others most likely would just want to turn in for the night "oh Sudina...” he turned to face her "you might want to explain things to Mustang yourself... And I got this for you" he handed her one of the sodas. Turning away he walked in the building and started down the hallway leading to Mustang’s office hoping that he would be there.

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Friday, July 29th, 2005
12:11 am
"OW! You have sharp nails ya know" Leo rubbed his arm a moment. "It wasn't mean, it was effective. I got us here in one piece didnt I?" Leo frowned, a little boy puppy face "I had fun driving, if it'd that important to you I'll....try to slow down a bit next time." Leo heard Dina say something about not having feet and driving better then him anyway. "Ya right" Leo snorted

Leo held Miserys' hand gently as they both walked in the door. Leos' first instinct was to sweat drop. "What the hell?" Leo stared at Glacia "Do I even want to know?"

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Thursday, July 28th, 2005
1:27 pm
Sudina’s ears perked at the sound of someone approaching. As they took a set next to her she still acted like they weren’t there hoping they would just go away and leave her be she had had enough symphony for one day. But as they began to talk she listened. "I'm Glacia, and no I don't know you, I don't know any of you. But I do know that you may as well make the best of the situation you're in. Honestly I think you look good.....And I think everyone here is trying to figure out how to get what you want.....we'll get you back to normal......or else they wouldn't be coming up with all these ideas... I'd like to help you if you want....." Glacia turned away from Sudina and hopped of her box.
Sudina looked up “wait… your right... and... I’m sorry... it’s just... hard to accept that’s all… and well... I do like the tail... And the claws aren’t half bad... only now I have this craving for meat... Nice rare meat” she laughed as she slid down off the box “well look I need to talk with my sister... err where ever she went” staring her ears for a moment she picked up on the voices of her sister and Leo “Found her” she said happily as she began to walk out.
“Hey Misery I think I can get use to this new l..oo..k?” she stopped noticing Misery sitting on Leo’s lap and… mooning. Tapping her sickle claw of her right foot on the concrete arms crossed she raised on eye brow “Ahem...” she said rather loudly “Did I walk in at a bad time…?” she asked half threatening but she could help herself “I mean if we aren’t worried about me any more that’s grate for I’m not either.. But to go and... and… and well it’s just WRONG!”

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Monday, July 25th, 2005
11:26 pm
Edward averted his eyes to the ground “You’re… well it’s easer to explain what happened a few years ago… see the same thing happened to a girl I knew... Nina... her father... Shou Tucker transmuted her and her pet dog Alexander into a chimera…” he looked back to Sudina tears forming in his eyes. “That’s what has happened to you… I-I don’t know how but it looks like who ever did this to you used some kind of extent animal jugging by your ummm looks… for incase you haven’t noticed you have a tail… I’m sorry.. I would fix you if I knew a way to... But... when you make a chimera you combing not only the physical bodies but the souls as well... And to take them apart again after they have been merged…” he shook his head “it’s not easy some say imposable…”
Looking to Misery he did his best to comfort her but it seemed as if all the air had been sucked out of the room as realization hit him. By term she is a talking chimera like Midnight... they both are... And only one person I know of was able to make such things… but... I thought he was executed by the Military… unless he looked Misery dead in the eye “was there anyone else in here? Someone you didn’t kill?” then looking to Sudina “do you remember anything at all about what happened or who did this... Anything?” he asked looking back and forth between the two.

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Sunday, July 24th, 2005
6:31 pm
(Ooc: Warning in advance... long post... ^_^)

Sudina warred slightly not use to this new form in the slightest. Her mind would have normally worked things out but at the moment it seemed to be lost due to this new instinct to hunt and fight.
Slowly very slowly she began to notice how the shadows in the room began to head towards the door. Titling her head to the side she stared in wonderment at what was happing. Not wanting to think about it she shifted her gaze back to looking around the room. Looking for a way out if there was one even.
A sudden noise from outside made her jump to attention, the sounds of those in deep converse. Perhaps the others in the room couldn't hear them as she could but never the less she did. Instincts kicking in she ran at the door wanting to get out seeing if what was making the noise could be useful to her.

Marty jumped in front of the girl now turned Chimera "Boss I don't think this one will be as obedient as the last" he said half muffled as she pushed past him and for the door. Jeff was following on her heals trying to grab her "slow down you Jurassic Park reject" he grumbled as he again grabbed at her but only caught empty air.

Sudina now tired of these two trying to keep her from what she wanted spun to face the one who she had pushed back clawing him across the chest while the other tried to stay behind her. As he tried to grab her she wiped her tail across his face as she then turned and kicked him into a pile of boxes. With them out of the way she headed back to the door, her way to freedom.
As she neared the door she noticed the shadows were not only heading for the door but out and with out giving a second thought she leaped into the air pulled her feet back and kicked the door and fell through the hole she had just made. Only a few feet away from where the others stood she laid there oblivious to the world as her would went black.

(Go here for a better look at what the new Blaze will look like http://www.livejournal.com/users/dina_dragon/935.html?mode=reply )

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
11:43 am
Midnight heard the man's voice, slowing down to a quick trot as she reached hearing distance she froze at what he was saying.
"Hey chimera! Why are you running? Chimera, where is my friend? Chimera, where is Misery? Did she catch up with you?"
Midnight gave a soft growl at being called Chimera like it was her name "I have a name and it is NOT Chimera... it is Midnight" she said looking up to him "No I have not seen Misery.. but.. there is a girl.. she is asleep.. two mean have her.. I think.. they are the ones who got me and made me what I am... we need to find Misery she needs to know about this" and with out another word she ran off following the scent of Misery hoping that this guy would follow her let alone believe her.
After a short while she could here a faint voice calling for her. Running as fast as she could to Misery. Once in ear shout she called "Girl... trouble... needs... help..." she panted as she made her way up to her.

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Saturday, July 16th, 2005
5:10 pm
Leo stood dumb founded as the action going on around him was starting to get confusing. Ok who's the girl? How does she know Misery? Leo's mind was suddenly yanked back out of his thoughts as he heard the word "kuppy" and looked to Misery who was petting a chimeara {ooc->_< sorry midnight, I have chimeara issues, it might be a while before I end up liking ya} "Missery get away from that thing! Thats not a friggin kuppy its a blasted Chimeara! Misery move! Kid you too get away from that thing!" Leo consentrated hard on the chimeara feelingthe stinging in his cheast and remembering the chimeara from his past Leo's anger started to build, and so did his electric sparks. "If you hurt them chimeara...If you hurt them!" Leo placed himself in front of Misery and the child "If you even think about hurting them...I'll kill you! you under stand me!"
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Saturday, July 9th, 2005
2:08 pm
"Thank you." said ryo and ran towards miz.
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Monday, July 4th, 2005
3:37 pm
*looks around at the people. walks up to a man.* "ummm..do you know who Dina is or Miz? Their my older sisters." said Ryo.
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2:59 pm
Heyz I'm RyoSilverWolf. I new here.
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