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The search for the philosopher stone...

Fullmetal Alchemist RP
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Welcome to fullmetal_rp This is a Fullmetal Alchemist RP All are welcome to join Cannon and Ooc’s alike…
If you wish to join then please either e-mail me at sudinasilverwolf@yahoo.com with the title Fullmetal RP or leave a comment in the journal… please include the following…
-LJ Username
-Character you want to rp as (If it's an OOC character, include a description, name, info, etc.)
-A sample journal entry (as the character)

1) Fullmetal Alchemist RP is a community for Fullmetal Alchemist Rping.
2) If you wish to you can cerate an account solely for your char... It is recommended but not mandatory
3) Do not post quiz results to the community.
4) Do not harass others (you will be kicked out)
5) Remember to have fun this is for fun after all. So try to get along if not... well...you have been warned...
6) Don't make me have to make a rule #6...
Well that's it for Rules well at least for now... mostly it's common sense
Any questions can be directed to dina_silverwolf who is the mod here.

Cannon Chars:

Edward Elric - fullmetal_ed
Alphonse Elric - lost_armor_soul
Winry Rockbell - automailchick
Pinako Rockbell -
Roy Mustang - faded_mist
Riza Hawkeye -
Maes Hughes -
Alex Louis Armstrong -
Jean Havoc -
Kain Fuery -
Martel - martel_no_hebi
Fuhrer King Bradrey -
Lust - (Temp) homunculus_lust
Scar -
Envy - riku_kabane
Gluttony - (Temp) jeff_alcohol
Greed - jefftoon2002


(Wolf, Tiger, Human) Midnight/Trisha - daedraug
(Raptor, Human) Blaze/Sudina - dina_dragon

Oc bad guys:
Death- srw_death
War- natiline_war
Destruction- srw_destruction
Pestilence- srw_pestilance
Famine- emkragcar

Oc Alchemists:
Alcohol Alchemist/Jeffrey Ferm - jeff_alcohol

Voice Alchemists/ Jackline and Hock Hertzen - jackline_hock

Fire Alchemist/ Ryo Silverwolf - ryo_silverwolf

Lighting Alchemist/ Leo Light - leo_light

Water Alchemist/Glacia Jean Concordia - angel_tear_jean

Shadow Alchemist/ Misery DeSoul - misery_desoul

Blaze Alchemist/ Sudina Silverwolf - dina_dragon