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Because not all of us can make really long posts>_>;

Leo felt his heart sink as guilt consumed him "You did enough damage dont you think?" Yup he sertinlly did. She looked like hell and he could tell she was still in seriouse pain. Why do I always seem to hurt those around me?... Leo said nothing to her, he just merely turned on his heal and walked away from her to go to the lake to have some alone time himself. At the waters ledge Leo removed his pants and jumped into the lake floating around as memories from his past racked him. Of how all the foster families he had retuned him to the orphanage. "Look he has some freakish power ok and he hurt my little son! I dont want to see him again that brat brings nothing but trouble!" Other families were even worse "He's a monster! The little demon killed my twin daughter...wanna know how? HE ELECTRACUTED THEM!!" Leo dunked under the water to try to make the memories go away. "We took him to the pool for his 9th birthday and when he got mad at one of the boys for calling him a freak he flipped and Shoked a whole pool full of kids! we dont want him take him back! No one should ever have a beast like him their house! How could anyone love a monster like that child?!" nope dunking in the water wasnt helping.

Standing in the water now Leo rushed his hands threw his hair as he shook his head...all that did was make him dizzy. After tripping on a rock and falling back in the water Leo just floated around givinng up on banishing his past, it was something he never forgot. And Glacia reminded him so much of one of the girls... "I'm doing it again arnt I?" He asked himself and closed his eyes to watch the images play before him like a bad horrifying movie with out a happy ending.
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