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Because not all of us can make really long posts>_>;

Leo felt his heart sink as guilt consumed him "You did enough damage dont you think?" Yup he sertinlly did. She looked like hell and he could tell she was still in seriouse pain. Why do I always seem to hurt those around me?... Leo said nothing to her, he just merely turned on his heal and walked away from her to go to the lake to have some alone time himself. At the waters ledge Leo removed his pants and jumped into the lake floating around as memories from his past racked him. Of how all the foster families he had retuned him to the orphanage. "Look he has some freakish power ok and he hurt my little son! I dont want to see him again that brat brings nothing but trouble!" Other families were even worse "He's a monster! The little demon killed my twin daughter...wanna know how? HE ELECTRACUTED THEM!!" Leo dunked under the water to try to make the memories go away. "We took him to the pool for his 9th birthday and when he got mad at one of the boys for calling him a freak he flipped and Shoked a whole pool full of kids! we dont want him take him back! No one should ever have a beast like him their house! How could anyone love a monster like that child?!" nope dunking in the water wasnt helping.

Standing in the water now Leo rushed his hands threw his hair as he shook his head...all that did was make him dizzy. After tripping on a rock and falling back in the water Leo just floated around givinng up on banishing his past, it was something he never forgot. And Glacia reminded him so much of one of the girls... "I'm doing it again arnt I?" He asked himself and closed his eyes to watch the images play before him like a bad horrifying movie with out a happy ending.
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Sudina's foot twitched in her sleep as she fought furisly in her dreams against an unkonw foe. one claw dug into the couch as she gave a final kick and woke up "NO!!" she yelled as her eyes snaped open. Pantting it took her a moment to relize it was just a nightmear, the sam eone she had ever since.
Steading herself she let her breathing retturn to normal as she then noticed she was shacking "I just need so air, that's all" She muttered to herself as she rose from the couch and headed out side into the crips cool moring air.
Still being haunted by the past leo wanted to drowned himself in the water. "I'm such an iddiot." Thinking it best to get out of the water now so he could try to clear his head leo got out of the water and threw his pants on and headed over to the weeping willow to sit under it. Before he could get there though he felt himself walk into something. "ooph" Looking around he saw it was Dina, he quickly put his hands on her shoulders to stedy her before she fell. "Sorry D you ok?"
Sudina blinked as her tail swished to the side getting her balance a little surprised herself "oh, yeah" she mumbled not really sure if she was 'ok' or not. Giving a soft sigh she glanced down then back up noting he was dripping wet "mind you I should be asking the same of you" she smiled lightly trying to push her thoughts aside for the moment.
Leo's face was sad as she asked that, but not the kind to let others see him like this he quickly smiled and shook his wet head. "I'm fine. I went for a swim, it felt pretty good too you should try it some time" He gave her the biggest grin he possibly could. Err...
An hour past as Leo talked with Dina about nothing inparticulare, he then descided, he needed to be with his wife. "Well D I'm gonna head off, becarefull ok..oh and I'll advise ya to stay away from Glacia...she's mood swinging." He gave a nodd then headed back to H.Q. Still wet he removed his soaks and shoes at the door then headed into Misery and his room to grab a pair of pants that were actually dry. Heading in the door He noticed her stiring. "Hey there Beautiful." He bent to give her a gental good morning kiss. "How ya doing this morning?" He plunked himself down on the bed then realized he was still wet. "Ooops" He stood then walked over to closet and pulled out a pair of black baggy jeans with a sword and lightning bolt on the left knee. "Here we go." He removed his wet pants and exchanged them for the dry ones placing the other pair in the dirty clothes hampper. Alot more commfy he once again took his seat beside her the bed.
His eyes glazed over then quickly went back to normal. "Yup. Oh ya know I was thinking we should look for a hot spring, I think it woud feel good for you." He brushed her bangs out of her eyes. "I'll be right back with something." Leo left the room and two seconds later he walked back in feeling a little stupid. "Umm..so..what would you like?"
He gave her a crooked grin that always ment trouble. He kissed her lightly on the cheek then headed down stairs to the kitchen. "Hmm..Ahh there you guys are." Smiling wikedly he grabbed what he wanted from the fridge and prodded up the stairs. "Here we go. You did say anything." He sat down on the bed then laid the contents of the fridge between them. He had brought up oysters, chocolate covered strawberries, whiped cream, and a mug of hot apple cyder. "Hope this is ok...for now" He then held up an oyster for her to bite.
leo gave a soft smile as she seemed to happily eat the strawberry. "I dont like seafood either, but I wasnt sure if you were having weired cravings again or not." Three nights ago she'd asked him to get her a mango and some strawberry flavored cream cheese. It took him three hours to find the mango in town, and by the time he got back with it she was asleep and refused to eat it the next morning...it had been the strangest thing to him. "I'm not sure what your body wants half the time.." Note...I said half He again gave a wiked grin but didnt do anything. "Want to go for a walk today?"
Leo laughed at the face she made. "Ya I know." Leo helped her dress then held her hand as they made their way down the stairs. "Oh ya this is for you" He handed her a small rose that was on the stair banister. He had picked it for her on his way back from swimming. "Now I think I'm gonna take you out to eat and then for a walk then a movie before we go back. Hows that sound?"