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Now to begin.. again.. 3 months since last event... ^_^

Sudina sighed as she sat on the cool grass eyes cast downward. The hood of the cloak she had to ware do to her looks fell over her face slightly hiding her now long ears and the few markings she had. Her tail curled tightly to her body knees up under chin with cloak draped over hiding her raptor like feet. Only thing that truly showed were her claws on her hands which she could easily pass off for 'long nails'.
It had been Roy's idea for her to continue working for the military despite her 'condition' she didn't mind not as if she would have anywhere else to turn, her sister was the only family she had. Sighing in thought she seeing no reason to keep so well hidden while the was no one around pulled off the cloak enjoying the warmth of the early fall sun on her skin as she lay back using the cloak as a pillow.
Legs stretched out as did her tail as she laid there in her moment of relaxation. He attire had changed form her 'normal' cloths to now practical ware. Long jeans came to above her ankles where then leather leg wrappings took over wrapping the jeans in place as well as covering her feet slightly still keeping the claws bare, mid length shirt with leather arm wrappings ending at her wrist, and finally a light fabric covered the base of her tail before ending mid way held in place by leather cords near each end. She as well had taking to wearing dark colors, mostly dark grays or black helping her to blind in with the cloak she were.
Ears twitched slightly as a light breeze brought the not so distance sounds of her friends to her ears making her give a light smile exposing her fangs. I'll give them that, they have been by my side ever since.. not many can say that after being changed their friends.. no family would do the same.
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Edward grumbled rubbing the goose egg on his head given to him due Whinny throwing wrenches. "Damn woman" he grumbled as he headed out walking down to the field he, Al and Whinny played in as kids. It hadn't been his intention to even come back here yet his arm and leg both needed a check before he and the others did set out.
As he walked he made out a figure lying in the grass. Sudina no doubt, she has been keeping to herself lately, thou who could blame her. And with her sister married to that lighting freak probably dose not help matters for her. Going against his better judgment he walked over to her not sure of what he would do or say when he got there but she needed someone and to him it seemed he was the only choice.
Arriving at her side he gave a half smile "hey Sudina we will probably leave tonight, if I can get your sister to move that is. She and Leo have been held up inside all day spousal sleeping." he gave an attempt at a laugh before simply sitting down next to her not saying anything at first. "Are you doing ok? Not tired or anything if so we could stay anther day if you would like." stupid question…
What was that?! Leo was walking down the hall to take a morning shower when he heard a loud clomp in the room to his right. "I bet it's that damn cluts again" Leo sighed then smiled and couldnt help but open the door to see if he was right. Opening the door he foud Glacia in her dress with a nice big bruse on her knee. "I thoght it was you" He pointed then laughed "You can't even get out of bed with out hurting your self!" Sobbering he walked in the room and went over to Midnight and patted her head "Poor you Midnight always getting fallin on" He smiled then walked over to Glacia. "So other then that bruse you ok?"
Leo caught the pillow and smiled at her. "Ego? after what you put your self threw I'm supprised you even know the word" He teased. Hearing her stomach rumble his coppied hers. "Dito. I could really use some food." I need to shower first though. "Tell ya what I'm gonna shower and when I'm done I'll cook everyone some brakefast. Go ask the metal reject and sudina if they whant something too, I'll be out in like 30 minutes or so. What do you say?"
"Hey just because I can't drive doesnt mean I can't cook!" he yelled as she bounded off. "Hmph" After sticking his tounge out at her he went to the bathroom and showered; 35 minutes later he left feeling clean and awake "I feel better" Then he remembered he needed to go get Ed and Sudina "Suddenly I dont feel as good anymore..." Leo drapped the towel over his shoulders and left the building once out side he called for the others. "Hey Sudina! Pipsqueek!" Walking further he found them sitting in the grass. "I've been looking for you two. Gracias' making brakfast for us, stop flirting a minute and lets go eat ok." He smiled and bit back a laugh then started walking away from them. "By the way little man try not to hold Sudina up too much ok I know your Short little legs slow you down some times" Bursting out laughing he made his way back into the the building then followed the scent of baccon to the kitchen where he found 'food' and a big mess. "Should I ask?"
"HEll no!" he said indignantly "You made the mess not me. I'll 'help' Maybe but your helping too." Looking at the mess he groand "Cant you ever do something with out making a mess? Or hurtting yourself?" It's gonna take all afternoon to do all these dishes! Poutting he went over to the large table filled with food and started filling two plates. Misery will be hungry when she wakes up. "Hey Glacia is there any watermellon? I know Misery would like some if you have any."
Annoyed at the freezing cold ice around his hands he smiled arrogantly at her his voice deep. "I don't think so" He used a lightning bolt and shattered her ice handcuffs. After taking a breather he looked up at her innocently "You are" Then he looked around the table and found what he was looking for "Aha! There you are!" Placing three watermellon pieces on the plate to his left he smiled proudly "Found you."
"I don't mind if you freeze my food Gracia.." Enraged his body became infused with lightning "But you should know better then to freeze my wifes food. It's not right for you to make it so her and the babbies might not be able to eat!" Leo closed his hand the opened it showing a huge yellowish blueish ball of flickering lightning. In a calm voice he added "Now change it back."
"I can take a joke if it's on me not when it's on my famillys expence" He wached her leave sighed and consealed his lightning. And of course I would have helped with the dishes Leo looked over at the others but said nothing as he picked up Miserys dish then left them to go up the stairs to bring Misery her brakefast in bed. Seeing she was still sleeping he kissed her forehead and left her plate of food on the counrer by the bed. "I'll be back in a little while" he whispered then left her alone. Walking back down the stairs he noticed Gracia still hadn't returned so he left the the building as the others ate to go find her. Eventually he did. "You ok?"
Running he caught up to her and stopped her then turned her around to face to him. The moment he did his heart grew heavy. She was crying... Leo couldnt breath. I made her cry?... "Glacia.." Leo tugged at her wrist and brought her into a tight sad embrace "I'm sorry...I-I didn't mean to make you cry.." Holding her tightly he didn't know how to continue.
"Ow.." Getting up to his feet quickly he went to run after her and ran right into water dragon. Ya like I'm not gonna follow After fighting with the dragon a while it poofed into water and vanished "That was cold" After wringing his hair out from the burst of water he continued to follow after her. The moment he did he trapped her in a lightning prison "Sorry about that but I need you to talk to me instead of running off all the time. Will you just talk to me please?"