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.. IT's MOD TIME!!!

I don't know about you peoples but would love to have this place alive again.. I mean my other rp came back from near death why not here...?
So, let's say jump a good ohh few months to the future.. with all that hub-bub out of the way (miz and Leo, Dina, and all the like eh?) sounds good yes?

Right so lets say we ohh I don't know.. Rizambul (spelled that wrong I know) sounds nice... for a nice brake.. and then well I'll just be temping who we no have.. wait speaking of which.. who the bloody is still here?

Moving on.... so aside form who we have here and who we need, and the future, and all the oc's.. I think this will work nicely.. Now then.. I'll umm explain any questions you have.. just comment here.. thank you *bows*
~mod Dina
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I'm here, Edward Elric reporting Mam. and can as well temp Al if need be
Lol mam.. funny.. wait.. that makes me feel old.. NO MAKING MOD FEEL OLD!! Grrrs
right anyway may have you be AL as well unless they say there here then you no got to be other wise... so yeah have fun in mean time *nods and wonders off*
*cowers* right yes mam I mean lady.. Miss.. Sir? And Al ok got it.
Here.. think cuppy is right.. or Midnight.. which ever no matters really. Jumping ahead fine with me as long as it helps the rp move that is
Hey welcome back Mid.. and yes Cuppy is fine but i perfure midnight or mid *nods* glad to have ya
^^ Me here too ok! No forgets about me!
erm ok.. right glad to have ya
^~; Damn looks like I'm only three months old...

^^ I confuse you D?
Hey' Yup I'm here too.

Hows it going all?
*poke* good and glad you here.. now go postie on the new rp post ^_~ we want this to get rolling again now don;t we
^^ Alright then looks like I'm up lol. >_<Dipper alert!

Deleted comment

Hello Glacia, glad you'er here as well