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Sudina’s ears perked at the sound of someone approaching. As they took a set next to her she still acted like they weren’t there hoping they would just go away and leave her be she had had enough symphony for one day. But as they began to talk she listened. "I'm Glacia, and no I don't know you, I don't know any of you. But I do know that you may as well make the best of the situation you're in. Honestly I think you look good.....And I think everyone here is trying to figure out how to get what you want.....we'll get you back to normal......or else they wouldn't be coming up with all these ideas... I'd like to help you if you want....." Glacia turned away from Sudina and hopped of her box.
Sudina looked up “wait… your right... and... I’m sorry... it’s just... hard to accept that’s all… and well... I do like the tail... And the claws aren’t half bad... only now I have this craving for meat... Nice rare meat” she laughed as she slid down off the box “well look I need to talk with my sister... err where ever she went” staring her ears for a moment she picked up on the voices of her sister and Leo “Found her” she said happily as she began to walk out.
“Hey Misery I think I can get use to this new l..oo..k?” she stopped noticing Misery sitting on Leo’s lap and… mooning. Tapping her sickle claw of her right foot on the concrete arms crossed she raised on eye brow “Ahem...” she said rather loudly “Did I walk in at a bad time…?” she asked half threatening but she could help herself “I mean if we aren’t worried about me any more that’s grate for I’m not either.. But to go and... and… and well it’s just WRONG!”
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