leo_light (leo_light) wrote in fullmetal_rp,

Leo stood dumb founded as the action going on around him was starting to get confusing. Ok who's the girl? How does she know Misery? Leo's mind was suddenly yanked back out of his thoughts as he heard the word "kuppy" and looked to Misery who was petting a chimeara {ooc->_< sorry midnight, I have chimeara issues, it might be a while before I end up liking ya} "Missery get away from that thing! Thats not a friggin kuppy its a blasted Chimeara! Misery move! Kid you too get away from that thing!" Leo consentrated hard on the chimeara feelingthe stinging in his cheast and remembering the chimeara from his past Leo's anger started to build, and so did his electric sparks. "If you hurt them chimeara...If you hurt them!" Leo placed himself in front of Misery and the child "If you even think about hurting them...I'll kill you! you under stand me!"
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