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"Thank you." said ryo and ran towards miz.
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Midnight looked down to the ground "well... I... I don't know... I am a monster so... I guessed you would be..." she sighed letting out a low wine.
Noticing the arrival of anther girl she tried to sink back into the shadows trying to hide.

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"Heyz, my name is RyoSilverWolf." said Ryo smiling. "Are you Misery?" asked Ryo.
Edward watched as the girl ran off. Deciding to put his worries about Sudina to t he side he ran after her.

Running into the ally which she did he came to a sudden stop as he saw Misery and a large dog looking thing. Thinking that they had yet to see it he spoke quietly almost a whisper "Misery... there is a... a" he didn't really know what to call it "thing... animal behind you... Don’t move... Same to you... umm whatever your name is" he said referring to Ryo.