ryo_silverwolf (ryo_silverwolf) wrote in fullmetal_rp,

Heyz I'm RyoSilverWolf. I new here.
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Welcome to the rp... a few thingys you should know... Just reply to the post before until you rech the 20 reply limit also when typeing try to avoid useing (*'s) as it [*looks up*]
do more of a.... [looks up "wow" ]
by useing the ("'s) that is what you are saying and the rest is action... other then that your first post is fine... I will be temping peopele we do not have so I will be replying to the post in one of my manny screen names unless someone else take it ^^

Now as I said in your e-mail I would be willing to make you an Icon.. anything in mind?
Hello, and welcome glad to have new alive blood in here

Deleted comment

but but but... I wanted it tooo look pro and and *sighs* right so try to use the (") but if all elses fails (*) is ok... and if you need to ask a question as a person not as in the rp say ooc: then ask question

example (Ooc: question)

ok well that's it so yeah